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Reviews & Testimonials speak for themselves and we have plenty of great ones to show you the quality of our work and satisfaction of our clients. 

We are so pleased to have been able to Design & Build some of the better Chicago Land Suburban Room Additions & Light Commercial projects and to share a few testimonials from our client’s. It gives us pleasure to have helped them better their way of life through improving their property. We thrive on helping our client’s from the very 1st thought of how it could be to the reality of actually living it . We give thanks to our client’s for the faith and trust they have put in our company.

We give further thanks to them for recognizing all the hard work that goes into the making of a successful project. Also the fact that they have helped us put a lot of good people to work making it possible for us to provide the services they need!

Most of all we thank the people that supply the product and do the work for making it possible for our client’s to be happy with the end results!

My personal thanks,

John Angel

We recently used Remodel Partner, Inc. an Illinois Addition Builder (John Angel) to design and build our new family room addition in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. We had a space problem for years. We talked with several design firms, but John produced the best overall design that truly matches our home. They were even able to match our old brick. Even though this was a challenge for us John and his people did a professional job on time and even saved us over $3,700.00 as he said they would in the beginning. This new business model to save us time and money actually did! “We will definitely recommend Remodel Partner to anyone we know who is planning a remodeling job”? Our son is already in the process of using Remodel Partner.

Morgan Family

Glen Ellyn, IL
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naperville remodel

We recently used Remodel Partner, Inc. an Illinois Design – Build contractor (John Angel) to help us design and build our new sunroom addition in Deerfield, Illinois. John was extremely professional and did a great job understanding our wants in the new room. Sean Nelson, the carpenter who did the majority of the construction work, was fabulous, careful, and professional. I would highly recommend this business to everyone! We were pleased to find a company that could both design and build our room. In one case John had designed the heat-cool system to work off of our present system, he later discovered that that would not work as planned and foot the bill to put in a better system. My mother and father came to visit us over the holidays and the first words out of their mouth about our new room were “this room belongs in Better Homes and Gardens .”

Grady Family

Clarendon Hills, IL

We recently used John Angel to help us design and construct the 1st of its kind in Illinois (Pints originally began in Iowa) pub called Pints in Elmhurst, Illinois. We were pleased to find a company that did both the design and building all in one service. The management skills, attention to detail and consideration helped us to create a great family pub. The vendors that John used for the project were top notch. They were professional, hard-working, timely and respectful of our special needs. With John’s guidance we were able to receive quality products installed professionally at a competitive price. We are very pleased with the way the whole process was handled and could not be happier with the services that we received from Remodel Partner, Inc. in IL and the service partners that he used to complete the Elmhurst IL location.

Mark Roemer

Pints Pub / Elmhurst, IL
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lake barrington il remodel

We are so pleased with John’s leadership and coordination of our home addition in Lake Barrington, Illinois. We felt a sense of confidence with his advice, his design and ideas, and the service partners he brought before us to get the job done. We felt as if he were spending our money as if it were his own – prudent vetting of proposals and leveraging pricing scenarios. We felt great relief in knowing he was able to dutifully handle all aspects of the job – from the design to the variance lobbying with the village of Lake Barrington IL to the selection of vendors and the ad hoc additional needs we had. He is a true partner and a very principled professional. We have never had such a level of service on a varied project such as this. We have never experienced such a level of accommodation to our complex home schedule and demands. We wholeheartedly endorse John Angel and his services and ask that you give us a call if you want more of the details or would like to tour the fruits of his labor.

Peter & Mary Lou Persuitti

Lake Barrington, IL

Hi John. Thanks for helping with the plumbing emergency this afternoon. Below is a testimonial for your services. You should tell Gilbert that Jackson misses the guys around here. He keeps asking if “the worker guys” are coming today. They were very friendly to him and he keeps talking about how they waved good-bye to him when they left. Funny the things that make a lasting impression on a 4-year-old.

We recently used John Angel to help us design and construct our new family room addition and deck in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We were impressed with John from the start. His constant attention to detail and consideration of our unique needs helped to create a family room and deck that is perfect for our family. Moreover, the contractors that John used to build the family room and deck were exemplary in every way. They were hard-working, timely and respectful, always with an eye toward the finished product. With John’s help, we were able to receive first-rate workmanship at a reasonable price. We could not be happier with the services that we received from John and the service partners that he used to complete the Arlington Heights IL job.

Christine Organ

Arlington Heights, IL
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